Hello Hallo!

Welcome to our Blog!

Here’s the scoop: we have lots of time on our hands, so why not use it creatively and helpfully? As 3 expat wives living in Berlin, we’ve had to navigate a through a ton of confusing things, that really didn’t need to be so hard, if only someone had helped guide us. But fear not, new Berlin resident, we’re here to help you! From where to learn German, to solving supermarket confusion, to general how-to!

Also, we hope to offer so much more fun stuff too, like; cooking, crafty, wedding planning, adventures, general opinions, and maybe even a rant or too! What fun! Please follow along.

Goals: we each plan on posting once per week, so therefore there should be at least 3 posts up per week!

Here’s a quick bio about each of us:

Nicole (me): Canadian by birth but yearning to be a European citizen, passionate about crafty things & DIY movement, addicted to travelling, loves getting outside!

Steffany:  San Francisco gal who too cool for school, knitting fanatic, cooking queen, and cat lover.

Kristina: Moved to Berlin for the love of a giant German man, super fun loud & crazy, obsessed with money & budgets, Lulu Lemon, and Chipits!

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