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Kristina’s Weekly Grocery Angebote Review

Every week, I am going to be sending out a quick blast of my favorite offers from Berlin’s grocery chains weekly Angebotes.  Note that Angebotes run from Monday thru Saturday, so I will be updating you every Monday.  Since I just decided that I should be sharing my reviews, this weeks review is a little late, but since I already did it for myself, I can easily share.  My favorite offers this week:


Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail Juice – this sucker is on sale AND they are offering 30 bonus points for Deustchland card holders.

BIG TIP: Reichelt is open this Sunday and is offering 10% off all groceries!  They are open from 13:00 to 18:00.   But note, Reichelt will change their Angebote for Sunday, so we won’t know whats on sale until then.


  1. Arla Kaergarden butter – This product is normally 1.79€ per piece, but this week it is 1.29€.
  2. Haribo – These gummy goodies are on sale!  Normally 0.99€ each, your first three packages will only cost you 0.59€ each!


Mango’s!!! – These normally cost me more than 2€ per stick, but this week they are on sale for 1€ per stick!

Since it is Friday night, you only have tomorrow to get out there and stock up!

Happy Shopping!


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