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Berlin’s Supermarket Angebote (offers) Review: 27.01. bis 01.02.2014

Here to make my inaugural review on the best offers you will find at Berlin super market chain’s this week.  I am really excited to be able to share my weekly habit and hope I can save you some euro’s this week and for many weeks to follow.

Tip of the week:

Always compare pricing with the same unit value – this is the only way to figure out if a ‘sale’ price is actually a great deal.  For example: Barilla pasta 1kg pack was on sale last week at Kaiser’s for 1.99€, but this week it is on sale for 0.69€ per 500g, which is 1.38€/kg, obviously cheaper than Kaiser’s sale price last week.

My favorite offers this week:


  1. Bertolli Olive Oil – On sale for  2.99€, normally 4.49€ and compared to other super market prices, this is a good deal.
  2.  Leerdammer Cheese – On sale for 1.39€, normally 2.29€.  Various varieties.
  3. Beck’s Pilsener – On sale for 10.99€, normally 15.49€ per case.  This same case is on sale at Kaiser’s this week for 12.99€.  This shows how easy it is to save a couple of euros.
  4. Smirnoff Vodka (0.7L) – On sale for 8.99€, normally 12.99€ at most super markets.

Worth a mention: Mangos!  They are priced at 1.11€ per piece this week, go get some and improve your chances at preventing cancer and lowering your cholesterol!


  1. Barilla Pasta (500 g units) – On sale for  0.69€, normally 1.69€ on average between the different super markets.  This is a great deal to stock up your pasta inventory!
  2. Ritter Sport 100g Chocolate bars – On sale for .59€ (limit 3), normally 0.99€.  Assorted varieties.  My favorite is the white chocolate + crisp.

Worth a mention: Kerrygold Butter (250g) units are priced at 1.29€, reduced by 27% from the normal price.  Not my favorite brand, but still a good deal.


1) Bacardi White Rum – On sale for 9.99€, normally 12.99€ in most super markets.

Netto (yellow):

1) Colgate toothbrush medium – 3 Pack on sale for 1.49€.

Happy Shopping!

– Kristina


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