Valentines Day Card DIY


Although Valentines Day really isn’t celebrated in Germany, and in all honesty is kind of a pathetic excuse for a “holiday”, we still like to celebrate it in our family. This usually involves eating too many Guylian seashell chocolates, polishing off a bottle of wine or two, and of course, swapping Valentines cards. Usually the swap is uni-directional (me –> husband), but that’s okay with me, since I’m pretty such I derive more joy out of making my Valentines card, then he actually gets by receiving it.

Originally, I had planned to make some sort of mixed media (fabric, thread, cross-stitch) sappy card to give to my husband, but then changed my mind. That would be a card that I would like to receive, but I should really make a card that he would like. So, after ditching all my crafty stuff I settled on making a good old fashioned hand-drawn card, ohne glitter.

If you’re in a pinch for something special for your lover, why not make this one? It’s easy, quick, and awesome!

Materials: Blank card, pencil, eraser, your smoothes black pen (none of those crumby ball points please).

I made my cards out of a gigantic piece of cardstock from my local art supply store for 1.35€. I cut this up into approximately 20 different sized cards – sweet deal! If you aren’t good with scissors, you can also pick up a 5-pack of cards from McPaper, but they are ~4€ per pack, which is kind of a rip-off.


Using your pencil first, draw what you want on the front. Once you’re happy with your design, trace over top with your black pen. Wait, wait, and then wait some more, since nobody likes smudges. After the wait, erase the pencil lines, and voila! An awesome handmade card.


I made up this design, it’s a kind of picture-word puzzle – do you get it?

Pirate speak , The Louvre, a female sheep
“Aye” Lourve Ewe
I love you


Kind of lame, but kind of awesome! I think this is a very boy-friendly card, since it isn’t covered with fluffy hearts, pink, and glitter.

Give it a try, since gifts made with love are always the best!



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