Supermarket Ignorance

Kartoffeln Confusion!

Potato… potato… potato???  Although they all may look the same, they are different… apparently. I usually just pick a bag at random, ex. “I’m feeling angry today, I’ll get the red bag” or “Saving the environment is awesome! Green Bag = Green Power!”. Well those days of random-based-emotional-selection are over!


From my almost daily visits to REWE I’ve noticed that there are 3 slightly different bags of potatoes: Mehligkochend, Festkochend, and Vorw. (vorwiegend) Festkochend. Through some research I’ve now learned that these different names are actually categories for their cooking properties; allow me to explain:



IMG_1964These are your floury potatoes, with more of a grainy texture.

These are great to use when making mashed potatoes, roasting, and making baked french fries! Apparently they can also be used in stews as well.



These are your waxy potatoes! If you touch a freshly cut one of these, you’ll notice they are firm and less grainy. They are great for boiling, and then making potato salad out of. Also, since they are able to hold their consistency better they are great for making gratin out of, since they don’t turn to mush, or frying, since they stay together and don’t fall apart.

Vorw. (vorwiegend) Festkochend

IMG_1962 These are your “predominantly waxy potatoes” aka: all-purpose potato. These will still be fine (not grainy) similar to waxy potatoes, but not so dry. Word on the street is that you can use these for just about anything: wedges, boiling, frying, boiling, even in potato salad.

Well that settles it for me, I’ll always be buying the red bag from now on. I’ll be honest, before this post, I was  ignorant to the fact that there was the difference between waxy and floury potatoes anyways. I like potatoes, but I’m not a super-fan so I’ve never really thought to seriously about them before.

After learning all about these spuds, I experienced some potato cravings, and picked myself up a bag of vorwiegend Festkockend Kartoffeln and made some potato wedges… mmmmm….. 

Potato knowledge never tasted so good! My recommendation, sprinkle some roasted chicken spice on those wedges and bake them for 30 minutes at 200C, stirring 4 times (I have an uneven cooking gas oven), and then enjoy with a side of mayo! nom nom nom!


But wait! Aren’t we forgetting somebody? Russets! Thick-skinned dark baking potatoes/jacket potatoes. Alas, all the above potatoes have fairly thin skins and very light in colour. I haven’t actually seen those types of potatoes at all here in Germany yet, but I’ll continue to keep my eyes peeled.

For more information than you ever wanted to know about potatoes in Germany (and the world) [in German], check it out here.


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