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Berlin’s Supermarket Angebote (offers) Review: 24.02. bis 01.03.2014

So excited it is Monday and there are a whole new set of Angebotes to review!

Tip of the week:  Since the sun has been making a daily appearance, I have been craving a daily dose of G&T’s.  Note: it is very important to remember you can’t mix with cheap, it just does not work.  I tried once to save some coins and to mix with the no name brand of Tonic and it just wan’t the same, so I only mix with Schweppes Tonic.  I stock up when it is on sale, and this week it is!

My favorite offers this week:


  1. Frisches Norwegisches Lachsfilet** (Salmon Filet) – They are 1.69€ per 100 grams.  Not sure if this is a great deal, but I do know that it is great for you!
  2. USA Bio Sweet Potatoes – On sale for 0.39€.  These are a great alternative to the regular Speisekartoffeln.  Baked or mashed, they make a great side for any dish.

Worth a mention: Russian Standard Vodka on sale for 9.99€, normally 12.99€ and Red Bull Energy Drink, 4 pack for 3.99€, normally 5.89€.


  1. Mandarins! –  1.99€ per kilo.   This is a great price for any country above the 49th parallel.
  2. Ültje Erdnüsse – 1.49€ per can, assorted varieties.


  1. Schweppes assorted varieties – On sale for 1.29€, normally 1.59€ and 1.99€ at other vendors.  My favorite: TONIC… I will be stocking up.
  2. Mangoes!  This week they are 1.49€, not 0.99€, but still a great deal and still very healthy for you.

Worth a mention: Smirnoff Vodka on sale for 8.77€, normally 12.99€ and Yellow Tail Wine for 3.99€, normally 4.99€.

Netto (yellow):

  1. Ritter Sport 100g chocolate bars – On sale for 0.59€, normall 0.89€.  Nom Nom Nom.

Happy Shopping!

– Kristina


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