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Berlin’s Supermarket Angebote (offers) Review: 03.03 bis 08.03.2014

So excited it is Monday and there are a whole new set of Angebotes to review!

Tip of the week:  Save the big purchases, like stocking up your Bar, and purchasing those everyday condiments like Tabasco, or even stocking up on your baking products.  IT IS HERE: Sonntagsöffnung bei Reichelt.  Ten percent off this Sunday, March 9th.  I will be buying some expensive cuts of meat, what will you be buying?

My favorite offers this week:


  1. Rinderfillet – It is on sale for 29.99€ per kg, normally 39.99€ per kg.  This is a great cut of meat and ever so tasty for a delicious Winter roast.
  2. Lay’s Knabbergebäck (Chips!) – On sale for 0.99€/100-175g bag, normally 1.49€/100-175g bag.  Assorted varities.  My favorite is the plain salted flavor (blue bag).

Worth a mention: Ritter Sport 100g chocolate bars – On sale for 0.69€, normally 0.99€.


  1. Black Avocados! –  0.99€ each, normally from 1.49€ to 1.99€ each.  Great for your health and skin, and great addition to any salad.
  2. Kerrygold Butter – 1.29€/ 250g units, normally 1.79€.
  3. Absolute Vodka – 10.99€/0.7L bottle.  Normally this product ranges from 13.99€ to 17.99€.


  1. Danone Activia Yogurt – 4 x 125g Packs, assorted varieties on sale for 1.49€, normally 1.99€.  I love the vanilla flavor.
  2. Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail!  This week they are 1.69€ per 1L carton, normally 1.99€.  Great for mix.

Netto (yellow):

  1. Nothing worth writing home about.

Hope you have a great week and happy Shopping!

– Kristina


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