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Make Birthday Cards with your Sewing Scraps


Rumour has it that it’s been unseasonably warm and sunny in Berlin, but I wouldn’t know that, since I never go outside anymore. I feel like all I do is work and sew. The pressure is on, my wedding (part 2) is only 1 month away, so I’ve been sewing like crazy to finish my wedding decorations (more to come soon). But with all these crafts I produce a TON of scraps. I could toss them, but that does make me a bit sad. Those poor scraps never get to full-fill their fabric-purpose (kind of like those scraggly Christmas trees that only Charlie Brown appreciates). Well not anymore, I’ve figured out what to do with at least some of them –> Birthday Cards!

March is filled with birthdays within my groups of friends back home, I feel like my liver always takes a heavy hit celebrating every weekend. Not this year though, so if I can’t be there in person, hopefully a handmade card will offer some consolation.

This project should take you 5 minutes per card.


  • I made mine using my sewing machine, but I think it would also look great hand-stitched (perhaps it would look even better with a stronger contrast, next time I’ll try using embroidery floss).
  • Blank cards (I just buy large sheets of card stock and slice them up into card shapes)
  • fabric scraps
  • scissors
  • pencil and a black pen


  1. Assemble your scraps and check out your shapes. Any cool shapes pop-out to you? What inspirations do you get from the colours?
  2. Lightly sketch a quick design on your card in pencil (optional step), and then get cutting out your scraps. I did balloons and banners which were super easy to cut out. I also tried (and failed) at making a cake.
  3. Sew your fabric pieces onto your card. I didn’t use any pins or glue, for fear of wrecking my machine. The pieces didn’t slip off anywhere, just be sure it sew really slowly.
  4. Write something nice on the front if you want, I chose “Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag” which is essentially Happy Birthday in German, and then fill the card with well wishes!



Ta-da! I’m very happy with how these turned out! I think I’ll whip up a few more of these before I discard the rest of my scraps. It looks like a fabric tornado went through! Ah!


Happy Crafting!


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