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Handmade Wedding Table Numbers

all flags

I’m already married. My wedding is next month. …. What????

Yup, we got married here in Berlin last summer, AND we’re going to “get married” again in April, but this time in Canada surrounded by our friends and family. Yup, it’s Our Wedding: Part 2!

So, anyways, we’ve pretty much delegated EVERYTHING to our reception facility, and therefore we have to do very little…  just show up! But, I do have to organize centrepieces. I’m shying away (much to my mother’s disgust) from traditional expensive bouquets (mainly due to the outrageous price tags) and have opted for decorated mason jars, with randomly assorted low-cost flowers, floating candles in water, and crafty flags sporting our table numbers. Well that’s the plan at least.

Being overseas has made it really hard to contribute toward the wedding, but I can make table numbers, since they’ll fit nicely in my suitcase. So here’s my crafty adaption on table numbers flags. Check them out!


Materials (makes at least 12 flags):

  • about 3/4 meter of Burlap
  • 1/4 meter of Fusible Interfacing –  get the sturdiest/hardest grade available
  • assorted fabrics & ribbons in your wedding colours (this is a great project for using up scraps)
  • sewing machine
  • Cardboard for flag stencils (I used a cereal box)
  • thin wooden poles

Time Commitment: I really thought this project would take no more than 3 hours or so… totally wrong! I kept making my flag progressively more intricate, so each flag took longer and longer. I think if you just chose a very simple repetitive design you could finish these in 3 hours. However, it took me multiple evenings and Sundays to finish these off.

Financial Commitment: Assuming you already have a sewing machine and scraps, this could cost as low as 7€.


  1. Make yourself a flag stencil on your cardboard. Mine was 24cm x 15.5cm, with a 5cm indent for the fork of the flag. This will be your Flag Stencil.
  2. Trace your stencil onto another piece of cardboard, but cut it out about 1/2 cm smaller on all boarders. It doesn’t have to be perfect since this second piece is your Fusible Interfacing stencil so nobody will see it.
  3. Trace 24 Flags Stencils onto your burlap and cut out.burlap-collage
  4. Trace 12 Fusible Interfacing Stencils onto your Fusible Interfacing. Cut out and set aside for later.
  5. Assemble your scraps, fabrics, and ribbons!!! Check them out, what shapes/colours/prints inspire you! (You can draw/plan out a design if you want to, but I just let the scraps inspire me and went to town).
  6. Arrange and pin your design onto 2 burlap flags. Remember to make mirror images on your designs on the burlap flags, since these 2 pieces will be sewn together to make 1 flag.pinned flag
  7. Cut out your table number using a contrasting fabric. Remember NOT to cut mirror images of your numbers, and try to keep the numbers evenly shaped. That was one of the main criticisms I got from my sisters, that my numbers weren’t even on both sides, so I actually had to re-do some of them.
  8. Sew on your design onto your burlap!
  9. Repeat for all the Burlap flags.
  10. Get your iron out and fuse (on medium heat) your fusible interfacing pieces to the back of one burlap flag from each pair. This will provide structure to your flag so that it stands up straight and doesn’t flop over.iron flag
  11. Place matching Burlap Flags wrong sides together and sew ALMOST around the entire edge. It’s important to leave a 2.5cm space along the bottom inner side of the flag so that a pole can be inserted to support your flag. Sew 2.5cm up the inside of where the pole should be inserted. See diagram
  12. Trim any rough edges or free burlaps threads and you’re done!
  13. Mount on thin wooden pole (you may need to cut these to size) and put on display!


Like I mentioned, mine will be in large mason jars, but these would also look great in a potted plant!

8 flag

4 & 7 flag

So there you have it, a simple way to make your wedding unique to your own personal style, without breaking the bank.

Be sure to check back next month (post wedding), to see pictures of the completed project!


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