Show & Tell: Baby Quilt!


Back in January my sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful (and huge) baby boy. I’m an Aunt! Although I’ve been bombarded with pictures and stories of him via email, Facebook, Instagram – hell, I’ve even skyped with him (he doesn’t hold very exciting conversation at 2 weeks old mind you), however I have not actually met him yet. We’re going back to Canada on Monday for our wedding (Part 2), so I’m so excited to meet him then!

Since this is the first baby in the family in a really long time and also because the birth was so close to Christmas, my sister-in-law received so many presents (double & triples of many of them). I’ve been racking my brain over something special to give to my little nephew (at Christmas I did give her some lovely baby books already, but I feel like something more unique is in order). Enter Baby Quilt!!!!!


I’ve been working on this quilt over the last 2 months and I’m so excited to show it off! It’s finally finished! This is my first quilt I’ve made on my own, so I’m pretty proud of the way it turned out. However, I’ll refrain from posting too many pictures of it close up, since I cannot stitch a straight line to save my life.


I made this quilt by following these two blog posts from MsMidge and SeeKateSew, and many many Youtube videos all about quilting. Also, since I’m cheap and new to quilting, I made this without any quilting equipment (other than a walking foot), so it took me a really long time to measure, trace, and cut everything! For my next quilt, I’ll definitely be shelling out some cash for a mat, rotary cutter, and some rulers. Plus, I think I’ll try just a plain charm square quilt, which will be a lot easier than these triangles. Everyone is having babies these days, so I need to get started on the next round of quilts as soon as possible.


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