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Berlin’s Supermarket Angebote (offers) Review: 31.03 bis 5.04.2014

The sun was shining, feet were shuffling and beer won over water this past weekend.  Had a great time cheering on amazing athletes at Berlin’s Half Marathon yesterday and enjoyed celebrating with everyone the return of the sun and heat to Berlin at the Beer Garden am Neuen See.  My kitchen is starving and screaming at me to get back to the grind and re-fuel it, and myself.

Tip of the week: Fresh fish from Rogacki.  I believe this place is one of the best kept secrets in Berlin.  They offer fresh cooked meals at different stations through the store and you can buy fresh food from around the world, especially fish.  Seriously a must to check out.

My favorite offers this week:


  1. Cucumber from Spain and Netherlands (Spanien/Niederlande Gurken)- On special for 0.33€ a piece.  Great for snacks!
  2. Ehrmann Almighurt (Yogurt) – 150g packages on sale for 0.35€, normally 0.55€.
  3. Smirnoff and Russian Standard Vodka 0.7L – Both on sale for 9.99€, normally 12.99€.
  4. Mars/Snickers/Twix family pack (5 chocolate bars) – on sale for 1.29€, normally for 1.99€.


  1. Messmer Persischer Bazar Tee – Special price of 1.39€ per 50g package, normally 1.55€.
  2. Barilla Pasta 500g packages – on sale for 0.69€, normally 1.49€.
  3. HARIBO Fruchtgummi – On sale for  0.59€, normally 0.99€.  My favorite: the gummi bears with 25% more SAFT


  1. Bonduelle Goldmais (corn) – 3+1 packages on sale for 2.49€, normally each can is 0.99€.  I add to salads, soups, and many many other recipes.
  2. Innocent smoothies 250ml – Assorted varieties on sale for 1.59€, normally for 1.89€.
  3. Mars/Snickers/Twix family pack (5 chocolate bars) – on sale for 1.29€, normally for 1.99€.

Hope you have a great week and happy shopping!

– Kristina


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