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Berlin’s Supermarket Angebote (offers) Review: 7.04 bis 12.04.2014

I am proud to let you know we made it through the weekend and Monday morning without running out of food or milk, but I must re-stock our tiny fridge today.  The sun blessed us in Berlin yesterday and I have been inspired to head over to the DIY market today to buy flowers and seeds to jump-start my gardening.  Can you picture me on my bike?  Grocery bags dangling from both handle bars and flowers stuffed into my back basket!  This should be funny, I should hire a camera crew for this adventure.

Tip of the week: Always bring a list, especially if you are on a tight budget.  You can easily get lost in the grocery store if you do not have a plan.  You save money and time.

My favorite offers this week:


  1. Albi Fruchsaft (Juice) – 1L Flasche, assorted varieties on sale for 0.99€, normally 1.69€.
  2. Harry Vital+Fit Brot Scheiben – 500g package on sale for 1.11€, normally 1.49€.  Great for a quick snack or sandwich.
  3. Barilla Pasta 500g packages – On sale for 0.69€, normally 1.49€.
  4. HARIBO Fruchtgummi – On sale for 0.66€, normally 0.99€.  My favorite: the gummi bears with 25% more SAFT


  1. Avocados!!!!! – On sale for 0.99€, normally anywhere from 1.49€ to 1.99€.  Making Guacamole this weekend!
  2. Hohes C Saft – 1L PET Flasche, assorted varieties on sale for 1.11€, normally 1.79€.
  3. Rittersport 100g Bar – On sale for 0.59€, normally 0.99€.  Be careful, too many of these and pounds start packing on!


  1. Leerdammer Käse-Scheiben – 160g packages of assorted varieties on sale for 1.99€, normally 2.19€.
  2. Bailey’s Irish Cream Liquer – 0.7L Flasche on sale for 9.99€, normally 13.49€.
  3. McCain Kroketten tiefgefroren (frozen) – 450g Beutel on sale for 1.29€, normally for 1.99€.  Great for a late night drunken snack!

Hope you have a great week and happy shopping!

– Kristina


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