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Berlin’s Supermarket Angebote (offers) Review: 14.04 bis 19.04.2014

Cooking, baking, training, drinking, dancing, eating, surviving.  We had a great weekend celebrating my husband’s birthday and trying to recover from having one too many drinks.  We also took advantage of the 10% rebate yesterday at Reichelt to stock our pantry and freezer.  The weekend ended with our first picnic in the park this season and much-needed early retirement to bed.

Tip of the week: Make a weekly meal plan.  The less you visit the grocery store, the more money you can save.  If you make a meal plan for the week, you can head to the grocery store loaded with your list for the week, you will buy what you need and avoid daily visits increasing the chance you will buy things you just don’t need.  You will also find you may lose some pounds.

My favorite offers this week:


  1. Blueberries and Raspberries – 125g conatiners for 1.99€.  Great addition to oatmeal or any fruit salad!
  2. Président Butter – 250g packages varieties on sale for sale for 1.99€, normally 2.59€.
  3. Milka Schokolade – 100g bars assorted varieties on sale for sale for 0.59€, normally 0.99€.
  4. Häagen-Dazs Eis – 500ml containers assorted varieties on sale for sale for 4.99€, normally 5.99€.


  1. Leerdammer Käse-Scheiben – 160g packages of assorted varieties on sale for 1.39€, normally 1.99€.
  2. Milka Eggs (Easter Treats!) – 100g bags on sale for  1.99€, normally 2.50€.  My favorite: Milka Daim eggs.


  1. Nutella – 450g container on sale for 1.69€, normally each can is 2.39€.  I know a lot of people who LOVE Nutella!
  2. Schweppes 1L bottles – Assorted varieties on sale for 1.29€, normally for 1.49€.  Tonic is a great mix for many drinks.
  3. Happy Day Juice 1L bottles – Assorted varieties on sale for 1.39€, normally for 1.79€.

Hope you have a great week and happy shopping!

– Kristina


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