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Berlin’s Supermarket Angebote (offers) Review: 22.04 bis 26.04.2014

Pitter patter sounds awoke me Sunday morning, music to my ears, as I was waiting for the easter bunny to visit.  The German Osterhase (easter bunny) to my delight left behind a beautifully wrapped golden Lindt dark chocolate rabbit.  Lindt: oh how I love thee!  I must apologize for my tardiness in posting this weeks Angebote reviews, I have no excuses, and today I thought better late than never.

Tip of the week: Walk to the grocery store.  In most cases you probably live close enough to the grocery store to walk (if you live here in Berlin or in any other major city).  There are so many benefits, my favorite is the fresh air.  Just do it.

My favorite offers this week:


  1. Bananas – On special for 0.99€ per kg, normally 1.99€.  Great after any work out!
  2. Red Bull Energy Drink – 250ml cans are on sale for 0.99€, normally 1.49€.
  3. White/purple local Spargel (asparagus) – 500g bundles on sale 2.49€.


  1. Red Grapes – Special price of 2.99€ per 1kg, normally 3.99€.
  2. Lipton Yellow Label Tea –  40g packages on sale for 1.19€, normally 1.59€.


  1. Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail! – 1L bottles on sale for 1.69€, normally each is 1.99€.  I add a few drops to every glass of water.
  2. Cucumber! – One piece on sale for 0.59€, normally anywhere from 0.89€ to 1.29€.

Hope you have a great week and happy shopping!

– Kristina


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