More Aprons!


What happened to us? We were so organized! Our inner Germans were so proud! We were consistently blogging once a week, but then… we all failed… all at once… for 2 months. But no more! I vow to return to once per week blogging! Crafts forever! Celebrate distractions!

Here’s a quick catch-up post on my last 3 aprons. I made these for my sisters and mom, as “Thank You” gifts for pretty much organizing and planning my entire wedding in Canada while we were overseas. I think aprons are always a great gift,  and I love them so much because:

  1. They are practical! No spills shall ruin my dresses!
  2. They are (potentially) easy to make!
  3. Aprons can give you the opportunity to wear colours/patterns/craziness that you wouldn’t normally wear.
  4. Your “Hostess Point” go up 10 fold when you serve guests food while wearing an apron.

So here is a quick Show & Tell of my most recent 3. The first one (grey one), uses the same pattern as my previous apron. It was a fabulous free pattern from Sewing In No Mans Land. This time I altered the width of the top piece by increasing it by 1/2 inch per side. I think this fits better now.


The pink apron is the most practical and feminine, with its sweet heart neckline. However, as you can see in the picture below, it doesn’t quite sit right and buckles a bit on the chest. Next time I will make the top piece trapezoid shape instead of a rectangle, and put the neck straps at more of an angle to hopefully alleviate this problem. I really love the small bib and buttons on this apron!



My third apron took my forever to make, since it was my first time ever making full pleats and a collar. Needless to say, I miscalculated how much material I would need on more than one occasion. But no matter, I figured it out in the end… sort of. In all honesty, the top part is too narrow. I’m quite petite in the chest, so it covers me, but on most people I think it would run parallel with the nipple lines… so if you like to show off your side boob, this apron is for you! Next time I’ll make it 1/2 inch or so wider on each side. What I really love about this apron is the “top-apron”, essentially, a round apron onto of the apron base! Imagine wearing a long skirt underneath this apron! – Apron Inception!



The second and third aprons I designed myself. They are by no means close to perfect, but I hopefully plan on creating free printable patterns, once I gather more feedback and make some adjustments. Any feedback anyone has would be greatly appreciated, please post them in the comments below.


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