Learning Woodworking in Berlin

feetQuick post here, just want to pump up something that I thought was really fantastic!

Last Saturday I took a beginner class in Woodworking at betahaus in Berlin. At 107€ (including materials) it wasn’t cheap, but I definitely felt like it was worth it. With a small class of only 5 people, we learned about and got to use a ton of tools including: a Miter Saw, a Table Saw, a Band Saw, some Japanese Handsaws, a Router, a Drill Press, a Hand Drill, an electric sander, and tons of other hand tools. It was awesome, and all in the span of 6 hours. It was great having hands-on action with all these tools, but the downfalls of the course were that we went through all the settings and changing bits/drills/saws/pieces really quickly… so much so that I probably won’t be able to remember most of it, and will definitely need a refresher on most things.



Together we all transformed our starting material (a 1.2m x 30cm piece of spruce) into an awesome… box… thing? At first it seemed like a weird goal, but hear me out! Since I was in charge of my own project I made specific adjustments to reinforce mine and turned it into an awesome Step Stool for my kitchen! I’m pretty damn proud of my work, and I’ll be honest, I’m experiencing an inflated sense of self… so much so that I’ve tasked myself with building a kitchen island! Yes, I realize that is a huge jump, from small box-thing, to a substantial piece of furniture, but a girl has got to dream! And I’ve got help too, since now that I’ve taken the course I can use the tools at betahaus for a fee and there will always be a carpenter supervising. Hurray!



So, in closing, if you’re interested in learning the basics of how to use some heavy duty tools and want to get into woodworking, I highly recommend checking out the Introduction to Woodworking Course at betahaus. The course is usually offered on Saturdays, please check the program listings to see when the next course available is. Use of the Woodworking shop is available Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings for 20€ a go.



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