Kelly Skirt

S-outside-2Slowly but surely, I am making my way through the sewing projects that I committed to back in August. I bought the Kelly Skirt from Megan Nielsen, and have to date made 2 skirts.


The first one was I made was a trial version; size small with inexpensive corduroy. I accentuated all of the seams using contrasting white thread. I do quite like this skirt, though it is a bit longer than I’d usually wear, and my fabric choice is a bit childish, but I still think it works. Also, it’s just a touch too wide on the waist.


In the next version I made a XS using some more expensive fabric from Frau Tulip (my favourite fabric store in Berlin), in a beautiful thick mustard corduroy. This time, I cut 2 inches on the bottom of the pattern and finished with a cute scalloped hem, which took me way too long, and still I messed up my calculations somehow, and ended with uneven scalloping where the two plackets meet. Merde. Also, Scalloped Hem – 2 inches off the pattern = really short skirt, oops! I also cut the waistband fabric lengthwise along the grain, so that the corduroy stripes ran around my waist, which I think looks better.




Overall, I think this pattern was really great. The instructions were phenomenal, since I’m only an intermediate level sewer, I found the pictures really helpful. I would highly recommend this project to any new sewers, or people who just need a really versatile skirt. I look forward to the next patterns that I buy from Megan Nielsen.



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