Changes are coming!

We started this website back at the beginning of 2014, with the goal of offering help, inspiration, and fun resources to expat women who were uprooted from their homes and resettled in Berlin. Although we were really enthusiastic at first, our passion of being a beacon of guidance to expats has dwindled. We are all still good friends, but with new priorities comes a new outlook. Kristina and Steffany have gone on to bigger and better things, and I’m still trying to decide what to do with myself. As readers may have noticed, the blog has almost exclusively become a sewing blog, and I think it’s time the blog title and layout reflect that more. Over the next week, I plan to give the blog a facelift, a new name (I’m thinking Studio Nico, or something similar), and will probably purge some old posts that aren’t relevant anymore.

I realize it’s April now, but New Years resolutions and goals for 2017 are still on my mind. My plan was to become a better quilter this year – dare I say intermediate to advanced level quilter. I want to learn to free-motion quilt, applique, paper-piece, and seams that line up correctly! The goal was to finish 1 quilt per month – ha! I’ve only finished one so far, and it’s been 3 months now. Another related goal was to sell something this year – whether it be a quilt, a bag, or even a simple baby bib, I want to make a tiny teeny profit.

So that’s the plan, if you like sewing and sometimes food, then please stay with me. I hope to be offering reviews, DIYs, and finished projects soon! Perhaps even with an Etsy shop or custom quilt service option in the future.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!!!!




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