About Us

Oh hey there!

Welcome to our blog of utter-randomness, loosely connected by our lives overseas.  All 3 of us are fairly new wives, who have been dragged out from the lands of gluttony & consumerism (North America), to Berlin Germany, in order to pursue our husbands’ career moves.

Most of the time, we LOVE Berlin, as it truly is an amazing, beautiful, vibrant city! However, failed communication due to a tremendous lack of German on our part can be very frustrating and is an all-too-common event in our lives. So, we’re here to help new expats try to navigate and integrate themselves better, through recommendations, reviews, and divulging our failures in order to hopefully prevent others from making the same mistake.

However, we also hope to cover so much more, since being housewives, we have more time on our hands to pursue our own hobbies, such as: cooking, crafting, exploring, wedding planning, etc.

Have any questions/requests? New to Berlin? Anything else random? Just drop us an email and we’ll get back to you!

Thanks for stopping by!

x Nicole, Kristina, Steffany



One thought on “About Us

  1. I am also an expat from canada in Berlin. Although I have German roots and speak German, I still find some things in everyday life in Berlin different or challenging. I saw your link for these cookies on lululemon Berlin’s website and they look amazing!


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